Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hello Again!!

Hello all, some may known that my blog is totally empty with no more posts , because I wanted to clear everything and Start all over again which will be much neater and categorised it by labels. Mostly I'll try to focus on sharing my best shots, Weddings and Portraiture and so on.

Partly I do have some photos to share with you guys.

Swensens Thailand

Swensens Sticky Chewy Chocolate

Lantern Festival in Songkhla
Lantern Festival Songkhla, Thailand

Lastly I would like to wish to all my visitors Merry Christmas !!!

Christmas Season =)

Very last two shots from Botanical Gardens



Comments and Criticism will be appreciated :)


myfr3ak said...

Love the 2nd last and last picture! Damn niceee!!

Dalbinder Singh Gill said...